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 Rules to the site.

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Rules to the site. Empty
PostSubject: Rules to the site.   Rules to the site. EmptySat Apr 12, 2008 5:47 pm

Rules. Once you register with GamingOnline You must obey the rules listed below.


By signing up with GamingOnline you have agreed to the following list of rules. These rules are intact to keep this site pleasant for all ages, along with treating everyone equally and fairly. Administrators and high powered staff members hold the right to change or add/remove rules at any given time without warning. They're also entitled to infract or warn given the severity of the act.

If you feel you have been punished unfairly, please contact an Administrator.

Spamming, in general is the act of consecutive posts in a short period of time. In some areas of the forum such as The Spamzville Clearly make it obvious that rules such as spamming do not apply. This is true, but to an extent. Please be respectful to other users and realize that spamming at an insane amount in the spamzville does not increase post count, and in severe cases, is indeed an infractable act. Punishments for spamming can range from warning, to temporary bans. In severe continuous cases, Permanent bans.

2 - Chatspeak
Chatspeak, which is known as the internet language to simplify communication. We ask that you minimize the amount of chatspeak you do, reason being is, not a lot of people fully comprehend the slang, nor do they appreciate it.

3- User Representation
When posting on Gaminggutter you are representing yourself however you like. Please be wary that any internet persona you embody will always be known as you. So we ask that you take this into consideration while posting and be sure to be respectful and wary of any young viewers. We expect all gaminggutter members to be mature, and use a language suitable for a public forum.

3 - Flaming
Flaming is tolerated to a limit. In most cases flaming is considered a heated argument or debate of opinions. But as soon as foul language comes into play moderates are to close threads and warn/infract accordingly. In most cases, slight flaming or name calling will be tolerated as so long as either end does not report the post.

4 - Thread Hijacking
Thread Hijacking is the act of completely posting off-topic to the original thread. In respect we ask that all users of gaminggutter keep on topic with the original idea in mind. If you feel as though you need to post in regards to a specific thread but of different topic. Merely make a new thread which either quotes a specific post or links to the thread all together.

5 - Illegal Content
Gaminggutter reserves the right to remove anything posted, by anyone on the boards. This may be programs, movies, music, pornography, written pieces or links relating any of the following and much more. We at gaminggutter are not responsible for what is posted by our users for we only give the user a medium to post or share whatever they have to share. That being said if you see anything you do not feel is right posted on the boards contact the administrators or report the post all in all, we will review the situation and take the best course of action.

6 - Plagiarizing
Plagiarism is the act of reposting another's work without giving proper credit to the original author or claiming as your own. We suggest to avoid immediate ban, you give credit to the original author or link to the original piece. This will prevent any problems, and remember plagiarism is illegal.

8 - Leaking
Leaking is the act of sharing information between lower ranks of gaminggutter or to an outside person(s). We desperately try our best to ensure that all programs and all information stays withing gaminggutter's walls. Not only is this to protect our users but this is to ensure that our programs remain usable for a long period of time. Any individuals convicted of leaking will be permanently banned.

9- Sharing accounts/Unauthorized access of another members account
Account sharing or continuous efforts to enter into another's account is against the rules of gaminggutter. If you are convicted of sharing accounts both IPs will be banned, along with the accounts. We suggest you keep your personal information to yourself, especially if you cherish any other online accounts you have. Here at gaminggutter we keep all private information exactly as it is, private. I suggest you do the same for your own personal benefits.

10 - Signatures
We give every user the option of setting a signature, in return we ask that you be courteous to other users and keep your text under size 4 along with minimizing the amount of images to ensure you are not stretching the page.

11 - Scamming
Here at gaminggutter we give every user the medium to freely trade or exchange any gaming goods from any other sites at their own risk. Given all trading is At User Risk (AUR) we suggest you take all proper precautions to prevent being scammed. To ensure that users are not scammed we provide easy guides found in every trading sections. Read the guide and follow every step to ensure that the likelihood of being scammed is highly unlikely. To further prevent scamming we immediately ban convicted scammers.

12 - Threads, posts, and everything in between
Given gaminggutter is an open-ended community which is very much user orientated, we expect our users to use their common sense! Don't post your titles or content in all caps, don't stretch the titles out further then needed, don't continuously smash the space bar to stretch the page. Its only common sense that you post at a mature respectable level, not to mention you'd only expect the same from everyone else.

13 - Advertising
Advertising and spamming advertising is a banable offense. We suggest you do not advertise any sites that require a sign-up or appears to be a competitor of gaminggutter. Please direct any advertising to the designated advertising sections of the site.

14 - Gravedigging
Gravedigging is the act or reviving (posting) in topics older then a specific date. If you've read something relevant to something you wish to post in a thread, simply create a new thread and link to that thread to explain the relation. Do not post in old threads, if its for the purpose of gaining posts, don't bother, consider this fair warning because odds are you'll get infracted heavily for a constant abuse in this rule.

15 - Reputation
Reputation is a level measured by other users in either a negative or positive manner. Reputation is meant to allow every user to see who is trusted, who is respected and who isn't. That being said, Reputation has the following rules!
i) You may not +Rep, or -Rep someone without proper reason!
ii) You may not +Rep or -Rep someone just because they have done that to you.
iii) You may not ask for Rep unless you've done one of the following:
- Supplied a guide
- Helped specific users with a difficult task
- Created a program
- Successful trading
- Provided proper links/directions for users.

If it doesn't fall under those or anything similar to those then asking for rep is forbidden.
However! users may +Rep you for reasons other then that at any given time, the reasons must be realistic, you may +rep someone for being entertaining, nice, helpful, whatever! But don't +rep them 2 weeks later for the same thing. Same rule applies vice versa for negative rep.
If you notice something fishy with someone's Rep, notify me VIA pm or report a post of that user and have the reason "misusing Rep"
You may appeal any negative Rep you receive if you feel it to be unjust. Mainly I'll do with all Reputation claims, just PM me about them.


As users of gaminggutter you are expected to not only follow the rules but report any posts breaking the rules of gaminggutter. To do this simply click this icon.

Remember that with such a big forum and ever changing user base, some posts are missed. We NEED your help to ensure the forums stay top-notch for all users.


GamingOnline reserves the rights to change, add or remove any rules at any given time without warning. We try our best to update the rules as frequently as possible but at times this does not always happen. GamingOnline is simply a site for the purpose of information sharing. With this fact in mind GamingOnline is simply a medium for its userbase and whatever is posted is completely at the risk and responsibility of the user. We do not host what is being posted, we host where its being posted to the convenience of our users. These rules not only serve as a day to day guideline to be met by the user but also serves as the Terms of Service. By being a user of gaminggutter, knowingly or unknowlingy having read this you are expected to meet the expectations of gaminggutter. To repeat and serve as a emphasized reference to what was already previously stated, GamingOnline is NOT responsible for what is posted by the users, if there is a conflict with what is posted, please contact the administrators .
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Rules to the site.
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