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 Rules for gaia trading.

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Rules for gaia trading. Empty
PostSubject: Rules for gaia trading.   Rules for gaia trading. EmptySat Apr 12, 2008 12:34 pm

Trading Post General Rules

All threads related to Gaiaonline trading is directed here, be sure to put all necessary information in the threads you make, and be sure to give it a descriptive title so people know exactly what you are buying/selling without having to enter the thread.

The seller has the right to reject, any or all offers for any reason he/she sees fit.

The buyer has the right to retract any offer, as so long, it is before the process of trading. If there is a auction for something, the highest bid wins (of course) if for any reason, the person is not traded with, the person with the second highest bid may get the trade, and so on so forth, once again, the seller can reject offers if such a case occurs.

In some cases a middleman is used to make the transaction, this is to ensure a safe trade.

Pick a middleman that both of you feel comfortable with, maybe a mod/admin from GamingGutter.

Keeping Track of Information

When it comes to trading valuables, it is a wise idea to keep track of all information, especially when money is involved. You should save all documents, keep track of the members IGN and the members forum name, also it would be wise to use screenshot to capture all evidence if ever the occasion calls for it to be used.

GamingGutter is in no way linked to GaiaOnline, thus we cannot help you get your stuff back, but if enough evidence is shown, that scammer will be banned from GamingGutter, scamming other members of GamingGutter is not permitted.

Extra Information

The screenshot button, also known as the Print Screen button is usually located to the right of the F12 button beside the Scroll lock button on your keyboard, this allows you to take a picture of your screen, then you can paste it into Paint and save it.

Also, to upload the picture so you can post it on the forums, you go to a site like

To upload documents you can use a site like

On a side note, screenshots will give you more support, because text documents are not a strong evidence due to the fact they can be easily altered.
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Rules for gaia trading.
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