Here you will learn how to scam/hack famous sites like Gaiaonline Diablo Wow And many many more.
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 Another URL masking guide

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PostSubject: Another URL masking guide   Another URL masking guide EmptyMon Apr 14, 2008 9:09 pm

Changing names of links (The way I do it)
Well I had no idea how to change the name of a link until a few days ago

(I don't know any coding XD)

So I was looking for a way to change it easy and here is how!

1. Open MS Word
2. Copy then paste the name of the link you wish to change.
3. Right click the link in word, select edit hyperlink
4. Change "Text to Display" to whatever you want the link to be called
5. Then just copy that and paste it wherever! Here is my new link to

Hope this helped someone (And I know there are other ways to change the names)
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Another URL masking guide
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