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 Password saftey keeping it for your eyes.

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Password saftey keeping it for your eyes. Empty
PostSubject: Password saftey keeping it for your eyes.   Password saftey keeping it for your eyes. EmptyMon Apr 14, 2008 6:11 pm

Cool Encrypting, Passwording, and Hiding Files (Everything You Need)
This guide will go through how to make an encrypted section of your computer that is also password protected. And, to top it off after that will make so it's invisble to the eye.

Well to start off first things first, you will need to install TrueCrypt

TrueCrypt is a free opensource program used for encrypting your files. I will show you the basics although it has other features that I won't go into.

Let's Begin:

Phase One: Encrypt and Password Protect the files.

Step One: Open up TrueCrypt. There should be a shortcut in your start menu.

Step Two: Once you've gotten to the main menu. (There should be a list of drive names) Click creat volume. This should bring up the TrueCrypt Volume Creation Wizard.

Step Three: Once there leave it on standard and click next. If you research it first you can do a hidden volume, but I have never felt the need to. NOTE: a hidden volume has NOTHING to do with seeing the file.

Step Four: Click select file. Then Navigate to the folder you would like your file to be saved. DON"T CLICK SAVE YET!

Step Five: In the file name box put in "" MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ".tc" at the end of your file name.

Step Six: Choose an encryption type. (this doesn't really matter unless your really worried about the security of the files.) Then click next.

Step Seven: Decide how much space you need for the files you want to hide. I would suggest going at least few hundred mb over what you think you'll need.

If you just doing small stuff. Pic, text, ect. then just put 100-300 if your doing big stuff. Games, video, ect. I'd put at least 2000 or even more like 6 or 7 thousand.

Step Eight: Put in password you want. Click next.

Step Nine: Click Format again and DON'T touch any options unless you know what your doing. (No this won't delete any files on your computer)

You now have made a truecrypt volume. Now just click the file you made, select the drive name you want to give it, click mount and put in your password.

Now when you go to my computer you should have what looks like another hard drive under the drive name you selected. Any files you want protect put on that drive.

Now if just passwording your files isn't good enough for you you can make that file you need to even put the password in invisible.

Phase Two: The invisble file

Step One: Right click and click rename

Step Two: Hold Alt and Press 255 then let go of alt. This will make your file no longer have a name.

Now getting rid of the icon for this is a little trickier than folders.

Step Three: Open any random folder and go to tools and then folder options. After that click on the tab file types. Scroll Down to the T's and click on the exstention TC

Step Four: Click Advance, Then click change Icon.

Step Five: Go to browse, The click My Computer, go to your C: drive, Then go to WINDOWS, then go to system 32 folder. Find any file ending in dll and click on it. (this is the best way I found to bring up default icons)

In other words C:/WINDOWS/System32/ Then click a dll file

Step Six: Go through the icons until what you find looks like a blank space. Click on it and click ok. Then click ok again and your file should now be invisible.

Ok well that pretty much the minimum you need to know to protect your files from who ever. You should probably know a little more about truecrypt before diving right into it but I learned how truecrypt mainly by trying it out.

Also one BIG NOTE the files may not be able to be viewed without the password but you can still delete that file without a password. That shouldn't be a big problem though. Unless you piss off someone by not telling someone what in it.

I will try and get some screen shots in here. Until then you'll just have to go by the text.
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Password saftey keeping it for your eyes.
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