Here you will learn how to scam/hack famous sites like Gaiaonline Diablo Wow And many many more.
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 Hacking tool kit.

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Hacking tool kit. Empty
PostSubject: Hacking tool kit.   Hacking tool kit. EmptyMon Apr 14, 2008 6:08 pm

Hacking toolkit
So i am not sure if this is allowed but me and my threads use this toolkit
>R.Admin (Remote Controll Program)
>Nuke it! (I.P. Client & Server Nuker, Ping Flooder)
>I.P._Tools (The Best Program Ever)
In Detail:
When using R.Admin you can connect to an IP and do the following:
>Connect to an Adress
>Control Remote Machine with Mouse+Keyboard
>Views Remote Screen
>Connects to Remote Machine throught terminal Window
>Transfer Files
>Shut down Remote Machine
>Open Chat
>Voice Chat
>Send Text Message
>Scan Active Servers
Nuke It!:
>Allows to nuke Server/client from Server/Client port **** to ****
>Allows to send fast flooding
>Allows IP Spoofing
>Local Info
>NB Scanner
>SNMP Scanner
>Name Scanner
>Port Scanner
>UDP Scanner
>Ping Scanner
>Get Time
>IP Monitor
>Host Monitor
>Trap Watcher

Qsave� - Quick Save� - Easy way to share your files
Password For Rar: zealot

Ive scan this with AVG and it comes back no viruses
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Hacking tool kit.
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