Here you will learn how to scam/hack famous sites like Gaiaonline Diablo Wow And many many more.
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 Making a fake virous.

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Making a fake virous. Empty
PostSubject: Making a fake virous.   Making a fake virous. EmptyMon Apr 14, 2008 6:07 pm

This tut is made to piss off the friends you hate the most!

First I'll tell you what to do then a follow-up with a picture! If you get in trouble at school for this, it's not my fault but your stupidity that got you

Here we go...

1. Right click on the desktop and go to shortcut.

2. Type in shutdown -s -t (amount of time here) -c "(comment you want to leave)"
-s = shutdown
-t = time in seconds
-c = comment
EX) shutdown -s -t 10 -c "You got a virus!"
Make sure there's " " around the comment!! After you do that click NEXT.

3. Rename the fake virus anything you want. In this case I choose Internet Explorer. Then click FINISH.

4. Right click you fake virus and go to properties.

5. Click on the shortcut tab and click change icon.

6. This box will come up. Basicly its saying there's no default icon for this exe.

7. Choose any icon you want. If you want IE scroll all the way over to the right. Then click the icon you want then click OK!

8. Click APPLY after you've choosen your icon.

9. Click you you fake virus and you'll get something like this.

10. To STOP the fake virus, click Start -> Run.

11. Type in shutdown -a
-a = abort

I hope someone fines this fun to use!
Any questions please post them on here!


Q: How can you make it restart instead of shutdown?
A: Put shutdown -r -t x -c "y!" All you do it replace the -s for -r
x being the amount of time and y being your message

Q: Why can't I send it though MSN messanger..or AIM?!?!?! ONG!!11!
A: Becuase the virus scanners on IMs treat it as a real virus!
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Making a fake virous.
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