Here you will learn how to scam/hack famous sites like Gaiaonline Diablo Wow And many many more.
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 Blue tooth hacking guide.

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Blue tooth hacking guide. Empty
PostSubject: Blue tooth hacking guide.   Blue tooth hacking guide. EmptyMon Apr 14, 2008 5:37 pm

Bluetooth Hack.
Basically this is just another App that I found for phones. I am using the same guide that I used for my Unlimited Text Messaging except changing the download line. So here we go.

Now all you need to do is find the brand of your phone and the model. Now the Model is not always the name of the phone. For example, I have an LG Rumor, but the model I have is The LX260.

Once you have the Brand and Model head on over to here : 'Super Bluetooth Hack / free download

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and there are a few different downloads. Chose the one based on your Brand and Model. If you do not see it there, then simply choose the one that seems closely related. If after you finish this guide, your bluetooth does not work, then try a different Model of the same Brand.

Now there are two download options. One is to download the your PC and the other is to download to your phone. I have tried a Direct Phone download but it normally doesn't work. So just download to your computer and save it to your desktop. But make sure you get the JAR application.

Now go to Phone Uploader

Scroll down to where it says Java Midlets Uploader. If you are a Sprint user just enter your telephone number. Otherwise enter your SMS Email.
Here are the basic ones:







But I am sure you can Google for any others.

Browse for the file, and then just upload it. Make sure you the let it go to the Default Folder!
Now once you get the Text Message just go and download and everything is instructed from there when you open it.

The only other thing is that you must be paired with the person and they have you set as a trusted device. You may also want to have them change the setting so that their phone automatically accepts any commands or file transfers from your phones

Some of the features include:

* Go through someones phone book
* Go through someones pictures and videos
* Read the person's text messages
* Change the persons ringer type/volume
* And hang up the phone while the person is on a call
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Blue tooth hacking guide.
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