Here you will learn how to scam/hack famous sites like Gaiaonline Diablo Wow And many many more.
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 ipod theme hack.

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PostSubject: ipod theme hack.   ipod theme hack. EmptySat Apr 12, 2008 12:51 pm

All credits go to the iPodWizard people!
Right now, I'll only post the theme hack.
Maybe more later, or you can click this link; [CLICK!]

Okay, this hack is pretty simple.

* First, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, check your iPod's generation and type. This is very critical if you don't want to break your iPod.

iPod Types that DO NOT WORK;
iPod 6th Generation (newest version)
iPod nano 2nd and 3rd generations
ALL iPod Shuffles
iPod Touch
*If you want to know what generation your iPod is, post or PM me.

* After you're done identifying your iPod type, download iPodWizard with the link below.

iPodWizard v1.3

* Extract the file with winrar.

* Find a theme that you like.

The Ultimate Theme List
The theme forum
*Make sure the theme you download matches the type of iPod and firmware you have.

* Save and extract the file you downloaded to a place (preferably the desktop)

* Open iPodWizard (or if you already did, that's fine)

* Connect your iPod to the computer

* In the top left corner of iPodWizard, next to 'Edit Mode', click 'iPod' in the drop-box.

* Immediately to the right, click 'Load Firmware' and wait for it to load.

* Go to the 'Pictures' tab right under the 'Firmware editor' tab. (should already be on that).

* On the right side of iPodWizard, there should be a list of buttons. Click on 'Load All,' and find your theme folder. Open that up.

* After the pictures load, click on 'Write' and keep that on the top of your windows.

* When that's all done, eject your iPod by clicking on 'Eject' on the top right hand area.

* Then unplug your ipod from your computer safely and test out your cool background.
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ipod theme hack.
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