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 led pencile hacking guide.

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PostSubject: led pencile hacking guide.   led pencile hacking guide. EmptySat Apr 12, 2008 12:50 pm

Well I know this is basic, but I just discovered it today. I like to draw with mechanical and drawing pencils. The only problem is, Mechanical pencils run out of led rather quickly, and you have to get the right size led for the pencil, right? Nope. I've discovered a way to get any mechanical pencil to accept any size lead (example: 0.7 accepting 0.9 lead) This helps so if you f**k up and buy the wrong lead, then you don't have to buy new pencils or anything. Anyway, very simple, so listen carefully.

STEP 1. Untwist/Remove the nozzle of the pencil, and remove it (You should see the lead sticking out now, and it's held in by 2 white prongs, held together by a gold/silver (depends on the pencil) guard.

STEP 2. Push down the eraser, or button on the side of the pencil, to make the guard holding the lead poke out, and hold it there.

STEP 3. On the guard should be a tab sticking out, or a space between it and the white prongs. Push down the guard, and the white prongs will open, letting the lead slide in and out freely.

STEP 4. If it's a size 0.7 Pencil, then find a different/any size lead and slide it in between the white prongs (your still holding the eraser/button down, of course) and get the lead to the point where you want it.

STEP 5. Release the eraser/button, and viola. The lead stays. This is also very helpful if your led gets stuck.
**It's not the pencil itself that's 0.7, it's only the nozzle. So this will work just as well, you just have to keep the nozzle off.

It's quite often that when using a mechanical pencil, your eraser gets really dull, and eventually gets thin to the point where you need to remove it by stabbing a toothpick through it and pulling it out (ruining the eraser).

(isn't everything with a mechanical pencil?)

Just remove the eraser before it gets dull, and tear off the corner of a sheet of paper, bundle it up, stick it under the eraser, and put the eraser back in. Now, you have a longer lasting eraser. Don't make the bundle too big, or the eraser could start falling out and........well.......that just gets annoying. Razz
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led pencile hacking guide.
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